New SEO Spider Section

Check out the new features in our SEO Audit Tool.
Now recognizing recurrences and duplicates will be easier. 😎

Log into the SEO Spider and start an Advanced SEO analysis.

πŸ‘‰ Get to the new "Pages" section where you can see all your website resources in detail and duplicate pages.

Start now to get more out of your SEO Analysis! πŸš€

French & German Translations Available

Do you speak French❓Do you speak German❓

βœ… From now are available on our suite and our website French and German Translations. All exams and reports are currently translated.

Do you want to use the new translations?

Select your preferred language by clicking on the flag symbol at the bottom left of the interfaceΒ  πŸš€

Backlink Checker

πŸ’£ 3.1 trillion backlink data. 😱 312 billion pages analyzed.

These are the numbers that best represent our new Backlink Checker.

One of the most powerful and comprehensive Off-Site SEO tools on the market! πŸš€

πŸ”— Using this tool, you can check new, lost, or broken links on your site, preview the backlinks of the source page, spy on competitors' strategies, and much more.

Do not you believe it? Try our Backlink Checker now for free! πŸ’ͺ

Zapier Integrations

πŸ’£ Connect your favorite marketing tools to SEO Tester Online!

Automate your lead generation processes thanks to our new Zapier Integrations!

With the help of Zapier, you can simplify your marketing processes by making our software interact with the external platforms you use in your workflows, such as:

◾️ Google Calendar
◾️ Slack
◾️ Mailchimp
◾️ Trello
◾️ Most popular CRMs.

πŸ“‹ We have also created several templates for the most frequent automation, which you can use in a moment, but if they are not enough, you can always add the integration you prefer independently.

Try it now!

Lead Generation Tool

πŸš€ New version of the Lead Generation Tool on the platform!

At SEO Tester Online we value feedback from our community.

From today our Lead Generation Tool is even more simple and powerful!

😱 We have eliminated the concept of "campaign" to make room for the simpler "form".

Now you can dedicate yourself to the generation of custom forms, choosing the lead magnet that best suits your needs, and thus start collecting qualified leads! 😎

What are you waiting for? Create and customize your forms, monitor their progress and results through the new dashboard, and integrate the tool with your favorite systems to send your leads to the software you use the most.

Try the Lead Generation Tool now!

SEO Checker Dashboard & Exams

πŸš€ Our new SEO Checker is now online, one of the most popular tools for SEO Tester Online users!

βœ… More powerful: analyze the SEO of your web pages in seconds

βœ… More comprehensive: suggest what and how to improve it on your site and create fantastic reports

Discover what's new. Try it now!Β 

Workspace & Multi-Account

😎 New feature released on the platform! 

In recent weeks we have introduced the Workspace, a function to make SEO Tester Online an even more complete and collaborative work environment.Β 

From today, each of our users will be able to access their own personal workplace. In addition, he can be invited to other workspaces and invite in turn!Β 

Why is it a key feature for web agencies and workgroups? 😍 

Thanks to the Workspace you can:Β 

βœ… Optimize your SEO workflowΒ 

😎 Better manage the work of your collaborators 

πŸ”§ Check invoices quickly and easilyΒ 

Start collaborating as a team in SEO Tester Online today!

SEO Tester Online Website

Great Strides in SEO Tester Online. πŸš€Β 

From today new website withΒ 

βœ… New Interface
βœ… New Content
βœ… New PricingΒ 

Goal: Conquer the world (of SEO) and make our users' experience even simpler and more intuitive.Β 

Don't waste any more time and browse our website today to find out all the news! ❀️️

SEO Spider Dashboard

Our SEO Spider is now updated! 😍

From today, thanks to the new control panel, optimizing your workflow and getting better SEO results will be easier.Β 

With the new SEO Spider Dashboard you can:

πŸ”§ View all the SEO issues of your web pages in one screen;

⏱ Set periodical scanning and compare your SEO Results over time;

😎 Easily check the health of your site and figured out what to optimize;

β›“Β  Get an intuitive overview of your link structure and HTTP Status Code;

πŸ’£ Customize your scan in a few clicks and get the most of our SEO Spider.

What are you waiting for? Try it now, optimize your website and reach the first page!πŸš€

Google Search Console Integration

😎 Import keyword lists from any Google Search Console property.

Upload your keywords or those of your customers on the Keyword Rank Tracker (and soon on the other tools).

From today, importing your keywords is even easier.

βœ… Thanks to the integration between SEO Tester Online and Google Search Console, you can choose any property associated with your account and upload all the keywords directly to the SEO Tester Online Keyword Rank Tracker, ready to be monitored.

In the coming weeks, the import function from Google Search Console will be extended to other tools such as the Keyword List Manager and Keyword Explorer. πŸš€

Monitoring your website is now even easier!

Paypal Support

πŸ”’ All the security of PayPal in SEO Tester Online.

A new payment method even more familiar, with the same security as always!

😍 In addition to Stripe's secure payments, finally, you can use PayPal as a payment system to activate the SEO Tester Online PRO plans.

From now on you can:

  • Activate a free trial period by connecting your PayPal account (in case you have not already used it in the past)
  • Sign up for a new subscription using your PayPal account;
  • Add PayPal to your payment methods from your SEO Tester Online account settings;
  • Set your PayPal account as your preferred payment method for the renewal of your subscription;
  • Manage the automatic renewal of your subscriptions activated through your PayPal account.
What are you waiting for? Switch to PRO and start optimizing your website on search engines! πŸš€

SEO Project

Create a new SEO project and monitor your website!

Thanks to this new function you can:

βœ… Have all your websites organized and under control in one dashboard.Β 

βœ… Monitor the technical SEO aspects of all pages of your website.Β 

βœ… Track your search engine ranking progress.Β 

βœ… Spy on all the SEO moves and strategies of your competitors.

βœ… Generate advanced reports for you or your customers and make them even happier.

To do this, simply access the dashboard of our platform and click on "+ Create Project".

Keyword Rank Tracker

Try the new Keyword Rank Tracker now! πŸš€

Keep an eye on your positioning and that of your competitors in 4 clicks!

πŸ’ͺ Create comprehensive and clear reports on conquered and lost keywords
and automatically share them with your customers to update them on the results you have achieved.

🀯 Unleash your SEO potential with Keyword Rank Tracker.
Get started today!

New Features - SEO Editor & Copy Metrics

We've improved some of the Copy Metrics and SEO Editor features!

πŸ”₯ Refine your SEO writing with our tools and new metrics available.

What will you find in this update?

β–ͺ️ A clearer and updated interface for both tools
β–ͺ️ More stability and better analysis accuracy
β–ͺ️ Enhanced and expanded linguistic recognition
β–ͺ️ The Copy Metrics exams section has been completely revised

Try the new functions of the SEO Editor & Copy Metrics now! πŸš€

Spanish Translation Available

We are happy to announce that SEO Tester Online is finally available in Spanish. πŸ”₯

β–Ά Do you have Spanish customers? Do you speak Spanish?
βœ… All exams, reports, and platform interfaces are now translated.

Do you want to use the new translations?
You can select your preferred language by clicking on the flag symbol at the bottom left of the interface. πŸš€

Buen trabajo.

SERP Checker 360Β°

πŸš€ Start analyzing your competitors on Google, Bing, Yahoo & Yandex right away. πŸš€

Why do your competitors rank better than you in SERPs? Find out with our new tool: SERP Checker 360 Β°.

Achieve your SEO goals by looking at their metrics: backlinks, social, and copywriting, and find out which metrics to improve.

The SERP Checker 360 Β° will give you the answer. πŸ”₯

New Keyword Explorer Tool

πŸ”₯ We introduce you to the new Keyword Explorer Tool πŸ”₯

The perfect tool to find new keywords and ranking opportunities, with a data set with over 1.4 billion keywords in constant update.

Are you ready to bring your website to the top and outperform your competitors?

Keyword List Manager

Collect, manage, and export keywords. Everything in one tool.πŸš€

The ideal tool to collect, save and manage the keywords for your website. Group keywords as you prefer and get global metrics such as total volume, average difficulty, and much more.

Keep your Keyword Research strategy under control: sort by ranking opportunities, and import or export your lists in CSV format with just one click. πŸ”₯

SEO Editor - Save Function

✍ Save your articles on the SEO Editor! ✍

Are you writing an article and you need to pause your work?Β 

Save the articles as a draft within the SEO Editor and resume your work whenever you want.

Start writing your next SEO-friendly articles right now.

Try the new SEO Editor!Β 

SEO Checker Chrome Extension

SEO Tester Online is officially in the Chrome Store πŸš€

πŸ’₯ We launched our first extension for Google Chrome πŸ’₯

➑️  Analyze SEO on-page, get customized suggestions and improve your ranking with our free SEO Checker Tool.

Discover if your web page is optimized for Search Engines and study your competitor.

Install the extension in order to have all the SEO Checker's power at your fingertips.

Lead Generation Tool

πŸ’° Acquire new customers even when you sleep πŸ’°

We released the new Lead Generation Tool πŸš€

The best tool to collect leads automatically πŸ”§

Using the Lead Generation Tool is incredibly simple. You just need to:

  • Create a campaign;
  • Customize your form;
  • Customize the report with your logo;
  • Install the form on your website with just a few clicks;
  • Monitoring your leads and performance from the Dashboard.

White Label SEO Report

Create a customized SEO report with your logo and contact info  🎯

We launched the new reporting feature White Label πŸš€

Generate in less than one minute your White Label Reports, ready to be sent to your customers and your co-workers.

What are White Label report features?

  • No SEO Tester Online's logo
  • Complete customization with your Brand
  • Notes section for your commercial offer
  • Much more
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