Paypal Support

🔒 All the security of PayPal in SEO Tester Online.

A new payment method even more familiar, with the same security as always!

😍 In addition to Stripe's secure payments, finally, you can use PayPal as a payment system to activate the SEO Tester Online PRO plans.

From now on you can:

  • Activate a free trial period by connecting your PayPal account (in case you have not already used it in the past)
  • Sign up for a new subscription using your PayPal account;
  • Add PayPal to your payment methods from your SEO Tester Online account settings;
  • Set your PayPal account as your preferred payment method for the renewal of your subscription;
  • Manage the automatic renewal of your subscriptions activated through your PayPal account.
What are you waiting for? Switch to PRO and start optimizing your website on search engines! 🚀